Is my cockatiel sick or am I overreacting?

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Taylor Asked: Is my cockatiel sick or am I overreacting?

Yesterday, we adopted a new cockatiel in addition to Charlie and Mongo, 2 others we've had.I am pretty sure the new bird is in relative health, as the rescue recieves vet care.All of a sudden, Mongo's voice has changed and is no longer the normal shrill, and he hasn't sung his regular offtune self all day.It's like a little screech.He doesn't seem to have trouble breathing, but I am thinking this may have happened after hogging down some millet I fed all 3 in attempt to get the new bird settled.I have been reading different signs of illnesses, and the only thing that seems to be wrong is his voice.I am concerned he may have had a piece of hull or something lodge affecting him and just not sure how serious it is, if it could clear up in a day, or if he is just nervous with the new addition and changes.Or, perhaps I am a Mother Hen overreacting over her favorite fid (feathered kid) like my husband says.I almost feel completely ridiculous typing this, and not sure if I will get any answers in time, but hey, it's worth a try!


Hayley Answered:
First, there is no draft.It's called Selective Service.It's a database of men aged 18-26 who can be called upon in case they reinstate the draft.

Yes, you need to register.It's the law.

No, you cannot decide not register to due to health.If there is a draft, and they call you, they will determine then and there if you are qualified for conscription into the military.

Gone fishin Answered:
You're obligated to register for the draft but the draft itself hasn't been used since the 1970s.

Joshua Answered:
The draft is illegal, you have to register at 18 if your a male regardless your health condition, just because they make you register does not imply you have to serve, it is just easier means to track and contact you. No one can make you join the military.

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